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ned from their cou●rses; water-falls were levelled; springs were● dried up in some places, while in others new■ springs appeared. Nevertheless, the● accounts that have come down to us seem a● l

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ittle exaggerated, and sometimes ludicrously ■so; as when, for example, Mother Mary of ●the Incarnation tells us of a man who ran all n■ight to escape from a fissure ■in the earth which opened behind him ●and chased him as he fled. It is

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St. Lawren ce, which was so charged ■with mud an

per●haps needless to say that “spectres a●nd phantoms of fire, bearing torches● in their hands,” to

d clay tha t for many weeks the ●water was unfit

ok part i●n the convulsion. “The fiery figure of a m●an vomiting flames” also appeared in● the air, with many other ap●paritions too numerous

to drink. Considerable hills and● large tracts

to mention. ■It is recorded that three young men were ●on their way through the forest to sell brandy

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